Your Money Mindset

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Hello again!

Today we are going to talk about one of THE biggest taboos that exist today! Yes, I am talking about the BIG BAD M-word: MONEY.

In our culture, Money is the biggest taboo of all: bigger than politics, bigger than religion and bigger than sex.

But here’s the thing: it is also true that your money hangups could be in your way when it comes to making money. So today is all about finding out IF your money mindset
needs a shift, and how to deal with any money hangups you might have.

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The Life & Biz Makeover Challenge | Kath Luty | Part 4 from Kath Luty on Vimeo.

Your Bonus gift today is a copy of an old classic, Acres Of Diamonds by Russell H Conway. It is a timeless fable of how to find the riches inside you.

A great read and truly inspiring!

Here’s your download link to Acres Of Diamonds.


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