You can Relief Stress and Anxiety by using this Simple Strategy

Published February 17, 2010

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The Easiest Way to To Control Stress and Anxiety

Are you ever getting stressed and anxious? Stupid question, isn’t it? Of course we do, that’s just life! The things that are causing us to feel stressed are different for everyone, but everyone experiences stress and anxiety.

Now here’s the most simple way to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety in the space of 30seconds to a couple of minutes for FREE. All you need is a place where you can relax for a couple of minutes (could be the car – not driving -, or even the lady’s room).

Here’s how: Sit back and relax, put one or both hands on your heart. Now breathe in, visualizing the breath going into the heart through your hand, and breathing out, visualize your breath coming out from your heart through your hand. Now think about a beautiful time you have had in the past, a really happy moment of your life, a moment filled with warmth and beauty. Make that picture big and bright in your mind. Keep breathing in and out. How are you feeling now?

Do this as long as you need to calm down, it won’t take you long!

I have tried many techniques to calm me down before going onto a speaking platform or into a meeting, this one is the easiest and most effortless method. It works EVERY single time! Please do yourself a favour and practise this as much as you can! It will improve your quality of life, guaranteed!