Why 1-On-1 Coaching Works

Published March 17, 2014

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Leverage is a beautiful thing and I can’t say I’m not a little bit jealous of people who manage to sell Online Coaching Programs that don’t involve any work with the client as such. That IS the lifestyle that we are all dreaming off, right? To create truly passive income from our intellectual property.

But the fact is that in most cases, the client doesn’t really benefit from these programs.

I have taken MANY online courses myself and whilst I wouldn’t say that I didn’t get ANYthing out of them, none of them has actually increased my income.

1-on-1 Coaching is a totally different matter altogether though.

Coaching (and mentoring) works, because you are hiring someone who knows something that you don’t, or who can help you implement something that you can’t implement on your own because you haven’t got the experience that your Coach or Mentor has.

It works, because you have somebody there to teach you a process, guide you through it, hold you accountable, supports you and believes in you on the days that you don’t.

If you’re not getting the results in your business that you want to achieve then you need someone to show you HOW to create those results. It’s as simple as that.

On this note, if you’re not registered for my upcoming online workshop yet, do it now, show up and see if you can learn something that will turn YOUR biz around!

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Oh, and want to know why 50% of you WON’T even register? It’s because you think it’s IMPOSSIBLE for YOU.

IMPOSSIBLE because you don’t have the money, the time, the looks, the connections…hell, there’s plenty of excuses that people make up for themselves.

in fact all you need is the guts and the determination to go after the life that you want to live. full stop.

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P.S.: If you need proof…here it is: http://visual.ly/why-coaching-works#sthash.gT6k7v7f.gbpl