Who’s Afraid Of The Number #1?

Published June 4, 2013

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Heyyaaa, how are you today?

If you’ve read How To Rank On Google or even Get More Traffic To Your Website – Cheap And Fast you will know that I generally try to factor in some SEO considerations when I write my blog or create my videos.

But at least as often I’ll just be a rebel and write whatever I want to write about (imagine me sitting in front of my Mac showing the finger to Google…haha). Today is one of the latter…might be the sunshine that’s making me feel rebellious.

So, in business, why would you be afraid of the number #1 (and not of the Big Black Wolf)?

Actually, I consider this number to be something like the Big Black Wolf. Here’s How the Number #1 can become a problem in your business:

1.) When you rely heavily on 1 Client for most of Your Income!

I could personally name at least 10 businesses (a few of which you would have heard about) that have gone broke, because they decided to focus all their attention on one huge customer or client, thereby neglecting to create any new business or even looking after their remaining clients well.

What happens if that 1 client starts to experience some problems, or just finds themselves a better supplier…I guess this 1 is pretty obvious.

2.) When you rely on 1 Source of Traffic or Lead Generation

I always get a little worried when people tell me they get all their business through referral, or that they generate all their Leads from Facebook (or LinkedIn or SEO or _____ fill in the blank!).

Facebook has been known to ban people. Google might think up a update and call it after a cuddly animal (like a Panda, or a Pinguin) and if you rely on Facebook or SEO alone, you could suddenly find yourself out of business (as many have).

So, if you are currently relying on 1 Source of Traffic or Leads, you should really start to explore some new ones!

3. When you are Waiting for that 1 New Client to come on Board

There’s a little kids book that I truly love and it’s called ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ by Dr. Seuss (I love it so much I have even read it on Video!)

About half way through the book the ‘hero’ arrives at a place called ‘The Waiting Place’…where people are waiting…for the phone to ring, or for the mail to arrive, for a plane to come…or that 1 client to make a decision!

Instead of waiting on that person you should talk to 5 others and make 1 sale (or two)!

I’m sure there’s other examples where the Number #1 can break a biz. Just make sure you’re aware of it, and take action if there’s any 1s appearing in yours!

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