Where do you hang out Emotionally? *Thanks to Tony Robbins

Published January 22, 2010

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Have you ever asked yourself where you spend most of your time…emotionally?

Think about it! Which emotions are you experiencing on a daily basis, and which are the most prominent? Are they positive or a negative emotions? Overwhelm, or anger, regret? Happiness, joy or passion? Make a list, with the emotion you experience the most often at the top, and the one you experience the least at the bottom.

Now take a deep breath and look at the list again. How would you like it to be? Which emotion would you like to see at the top of the list?

Awareness is the key

If you are not happy with the list you just made (if you are: congratulations! You really don’t need to read any further!), you can do something about it. Happiness, joy and passion are a far cry from (what most of us believe) something that just shows up in the morning. They are skills that can be learned! (I know: GASP!?)

The interesting thing about our neuro-pathways (the minute connections between our brain cells) is that the more we use them, the easier they are fired off! This means that if you choose to experience more joy, more happiness and more passion, it will become easier and easier to do so, until the day when it becomes automatic.

Do you remember when you first learned how to drive a car?

There were so many things to think about (the pedals, the traffic, the gears, the speed limit) that it seemed almost impossible to do it all at once. And now you sometimes arrive at your destination, and can’t really remember much about the journey, right?

Driving has become automatic for you. So have the emotions and thoughts that you are feeling and thinking on a daily basis. They’re a habit. The question is: are they a good, or a bad habit? Are you experiencing what you would like to experience?

At the end of the day, this is YOUR life and YOU are in control, right? You are responsible for your thoughts and your actions.

Life’s a journey…

…and so is your path to what I call ’emotional fitness’. It is comparable to a river, the more water flows down, the smoother the path becomes and the easier it is for the water to flow. It is the same with your neuro-pathways; the more happiness you experience, the easier happiness will flow.

Feeling overwhelmed? I appreciate how you feel. I feel the same sometimes. Luckily, at some point in my life I decided to do something about it. I simply felt that life’s too short to get so stressed and hung up about things that don’t really matter. Coincidentally, I made this decision a few days after a near death experience.

The question is: do YOU need such a dramatic wake-up-call to commit to some changes that will make you feel happier?

These days I become aware of my fickle moods a lot more quickly then I used to, and I flick the switch. We all get down sometimes, and we all go through phases when we feel that no one appreciates us, all we can do is just function, and we have to work way too hard just to keep our heads above water.

I just don’t let it suck so much these days. As soon as awareness trickles through my subconscious and arrives in my consciousness (and depending on the issue and my ‘default’ mood that day, this can take minutes, hours, or even days, but when I do:), bang! I hit the switch with a baseball bat.

This is my life. The only person who can ruin my day, is me (bar any serious catastrophes of course).

It took me a while to get that, and in the end I even had to be told! However, it was a very powerful moment when it hit home. In the next blog, I’ll share the 3 dos and 3 don’ts on the journey to a happier You. See you then.

With thanks for the inspiration from the gorgeous Avril Carpenter who coaches women in successfully running their first Marathon!