Travel Plans Are Taking Shape

Published March 14, 2012

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I have been away for too long…I know. But I’m back! With a vengeance…lol

They say time just flies by when you’re having fun. Well, recently there has been lots of fun…but it’s also just been incredibly busy. And not all of this busy-ness was actually super productive. But sometimes you just gotta put your head down and get on with the job, right?

So what’s been happening: well, I’ve launched the new website  and a funky little video with it (that’s MY opinion anyway…would love to hear yours, just click here, watch, leave comment!), run a FAB webinar with the gorgeous, the amazing, the incredibly inspirational Karen Gunton from Build A Little Biz…and the biggest thing of all to me was finding B1G1.

I don’t know about you, but purpose is a big thing for me. And if I could put my purpose into just one word (which would be tough but if there was that one word) it would be giving. As good old Winston has put it so beautifully: ‘We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.’

So it was easy for my friend Nancy Robinson from Smart New Brand to convince me to check it out…and minutes later I had joined.

What’s B1G1?

Imagine…every time someone buys your product or service…a Child Gets Fed. Or gets access to fresh water, or educated, or a patch of rain forest is saved.

You can help make all of these things happen…whilst doing what you would normally be doing which is running your business.

How AMAZING is that?

And the impact that your dollars can have is incredible. Example: just $1 can give 100 children access to fresh water for 1 day, give 20 children a marmite sandwich, or educate 10 children for 1 day…the list goes on and
that’s just for $1!

How would you feel about your business if you knew you were making a difference every day?

How will it make your buyers feel when they get a certificate saying: ‘Hey, just because you bought from us, a patch of rainforest has been saved today.’

I think this is an incredible concept and I am so excited to be part of it…and I would love for you to consider it too. Just head over to the website. Anyone can make a difference. You can too. And please let me know what you think of it…or even better let me know that you joined.

But I was talking travel plans earlier and of course all of that has happened too! Booking flights to Berlin (can’t wait to revisit my old haunts), a nice apartment for the first few weeks, flights across to England from there where friends, family and some amazing country side is waiting for us to be rediscovered.

I simply cannot wait to show my kids…Grandpa’s horse, my ‘home’ (where I was born and lived until I was 19), the Brandenburg Gate (and the simply unbeatable Apfelstrudel with Custard that you can get in a cafe just metres away from the gate itself), Paris, Gordale Scar, the south of France…

13 weeks to go! 

A jam-packed 13 weeks, since I’m speaking at and/or running 4 live events, heaps of webinars (no doubt), launch my video podcast…and write this blog. Because I do want to take this blog around Europe with me and share with all the great friends that I have made here in Australia over the years. So do keep checking in.

P.S.: My thanks this week goes to the people who have made this week super special: Karen Gunton from Build A Little Biz for being such an inspiration and for making the world a better place. Paul Dunn from B1G1 for coming into my live (and his impact will be huge, I just know it), Simon Sinek on TED for bringing me back to basics. Wow. So many great people in my life. Woow.