Hairdresser Horror!

Published February 15, 2010

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Being a Mum can be so rewarding at times! My son started school about a week ago, and it turns out he’s already brought home some friends! But let me start at the beginning…

If I had thought that with Jan starting school I would now have more time to work, write and do all the things that are required of a Mum who also runs her own business – far from it! Now, my 3-year-old daughter not only feels bored and lonely at home, she also feels bored and lonely with her old and new friends, clinging to me like glue whereever we go. This comes as a bit of a shock to me, because neither of my kids have EVER acted like that.

The result of this  is that I’m being transported back to the days when all I did was take the kids from playground to playgroup, and from one friend’s house to the next, trying to fill out the days until Jan gets back home!

Enters: the hairdressers…

On Thursday, I decided that both Zara and I could do with a haircut. Since I wasn’t going to get any work done anyway, we headed to the village and our regular hairdresser’s. I had to carry her there, because she fell asleep in the car (which would have been very much appreciated 30mins earlier, at home!).

As she woke up briefly on entering the shop, I decided to let her go first, since the excitement of being on that chair and having someone with sharp scissors going around her would surely be enough to keep her awake – far from it! It only took a couple of seconds for her to go back to sleep, sharp scissors or not.

The whole shop, which was filled with mostly Mum’s and Grandmums, immediately burst into little shrieks of delight: ‘Ahh, look at her, how gorgeous, she’s beautiful, how adorable…’ whilst I was left feeling like a bad Mum for having taken my obviously exhausted little girl to the hairdressers!

But things were to get worse…a LOT worse!

When the lovely hairdresser had finally finished with Zara, I had to place her on a comfy chair where she continued to sleep curled up and ‘like a baby’, thumb in her mouth.

Then I took up my place on the chair. I was happily chatting away with the hairdresser when she suddenly frowned and started scrutinizing my hair. After a few seconds of quiet exploration, she announced: ‘I’m sorry, I won’t actually be able to cut your hair today.’ Me (startled): ‘You can’t cut my hair, what do you mean?’ ‘Well, I’m sorry, but I just found some headlice in your hair, and there are nits, too.’


I exited the shop decidedly red-faced, humiliated and embarrassed, with my daughter still asleep in my arms. I headed straight for the chemists, where I shared my horrifying experience and was kitted out with some lice murdering solution (and murder I did want them!), and a familiar looking comb (which looked like exactly the kind of comb I used to use to detect fleas on cats and dogs when I was still working as a vet).

Screaming in a green cap!

Head Lice Alert!

Back home, I rushed to open the smelly green bottle and half of its content was frantically rubbed into my hair and scalp. Then out came the beautiful green cap you can see in the pictures.

Looking lovely in green…

Thankfully, eucalypt and tea tree oil seem to be the weapons of choice against head lice these days which is probably better than the DDT solutions of old. My hair actually came out soft, shiny and smelling (if not beautiful so at least kind of)  ‘nice’, after 10mins of frying under the air-tight cap (hot and muggy as it was that day), and after a couple of hands-ful of shampoo followed by a bucket load of conditioner (which apparently suffocates the little bug(ger)s).

Then the kids were stuck in the bath and they, too, had to endure the procedure (as did hubby when he got home that night).

Kath shaking with disgust!

Freaking out thinking about my 'squatters'

I don’t think I shall ever want to go back to my regular hairdresser’s now. From now on, I shall choose someone in a different suburb, and I shall be anxious each time expecting the terrible news again.

After all, we’ve got a few years of school to get through and it won’t be the last encounter with our newly found (however  much unwanted) friends.

The next time you go to the hairdressers, think of me and have a giggle. I just hope it won’t happen to you! 😉