The Online Marketing Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Published February 7, 2014

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EVERYBODY wants more traffic. That’s why everybody is SELLING traffic.

They tell you they can get you to the top of Google. They tell you they can optimise your site for a thousand keywords. They mean SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Pay Per Click/Google Adwords. And they tell you how much more money you will make once you’re there.

And I won’t deny it, some of them even deliver…the traffic. What they DON’T tell you is that how much money you will MAKE on that traffic depends on… your website.

Watch the Video below and find out, how this is costing small business owners around the world MILLIONS of dollars every year!

Why You Should Focus On Conversion Before Paying For Traffic

‘Conversion’ in online marketing means that a visitor to your website (or landing page, or facebook page) takes an action that will bring you closer to making a sale.

This could mean…

***making an actual purchase on your page
***calling you on the phone to make an appointment
***leaving their details with you so you can contact THEM
***’liking’ your page on Facebook

Most business owners don’t know what a conversion is, never mind knowing what THEIR website’s conversion rate is, and that is a mistake, a BIG mistake, actually a MASSIVE mistake.

Knowing your Conversion Rate puts you in control of your business profits, it’s as simple as that.

Imagine this: You know that if you spend $100 on advertising, you will make $700.

If you spent $1000, your would make $7000. So if you wanted to make $10,000/month you would have to spend… you can work it out.

And not just that: every time you manage to increase your conversion rate, it would increase your profit for every $100 you spend.

Sound good?

It’s almost like magic in fact, because once you really grasp this concept and start acting on it, it will completely transform your business.

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by Kath Luty | Business Mentor