The Cost Of Procrastination

Published September 18, 2013

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Non-action never pays. You gotta Eat That Frog (as Brian Tracy calls it).

eat that frog

That’s a fact. The last few weeks have proven it yet again. Here’s what happened.

I came back from holiday to find a letter from the tax office, not a happy one. Apparently my GST deadline had lapsed…8 months ago. Now just so you don’t get the wrong impression of me, this was not really my fault: they had put me inside a wrong tax category. In fact, it was only just about due.

But you know what it’s like…you can’t argue with the tax man! They wanted my returns, and fast!

Now you have to understand that the German tax system is INSANELY complicated. And I had never lodged a tax return in Germany.

So every time I opened these documents…I seriously just didn’t understand squat. So I left it for another day….Then I talked to my Mum who had completed the tax returns for my Dad’s business for over 40 years. She couldn’t really help me. So I left it for another day…

I contacted my auntie, she’s an accountant! But she didn’t know what to do either. She told me to take this straight to the tax office. Which I did…after I had left it another few days…

Time passed. Days turned into weeks. And I woke up every night in a cold sweat. Strike 3.35AM. I KNEW I had to sort this out, because if not they might fine me (‘cos the tax man is always right unless you prove’em wrong which with my knowledge of the field…unlikely).

So this started to impact on my sleep. I had no energy during the day. I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything ‘creative’ (quite important in my business!). Every time I opened up those documents though, I felt so helpless and out of control, because nothing in there made any sense to me.

So I kept on procrastinating…

This cost me. Not just thousands of dollars that I lost due to non-action, because I didn’t get my next campaign up and running. The lack of sleep, the stress, the headaches…all this COST me.

Finally, I managed to get through to the right person at the tax office and ask them what EXACTLY I needed to do down to in which line I had to put which number.

It took all of 10min to get an answer. And half an hour to fill in the missing bits.

2 1/2 weeks WASTED.

I know you are procrastinating RIGHT NOW. We all are, to different degrees. Whatever it is that you KNOW you should be doing, but that you are putting off, be that…

*Picking up the phone and making some sales
*Marketing your business (maybe start some advertising)
*Or Creating a video

If you don’t even know what you need to do next to get your life and business to the next level, then it’s time to find a business coach or mentor to guide you along. You know where to find me. 😉

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by Kath Luty | Business Mentor