The Black Whole Where Time Ceases To Exist…And Much Progress

Published January 22, 2012

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I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks! Where did the time go? Ahhh…yeah, I know now…I did it again. I went straight back into it. My Own Private Black Hole.

I’m talking about work. It tends to absorb me. I tend to jump when my clients beckon. And then I work 14h days until my eyes are popping out of my head and my head just seems to constantly buzz.

This was NOT how I was going to start my New Year, my New Life.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, and I am extremely passionate about what I do. But nothing is so much fun when you do it for 12-14h straight without any breaks to speak of.

And I’ll admit to another ‘failure’ – the Juice Fast. Didn’t work for me. I think I should have eased into that one… ;( I bravely struggled through 2 days of constant headaches and hunger stabs, and then I gave in. But it might have had to do with the fact that I had 1/2 bottle of La Veuve Cliquot, some wine and a little single malt whiskey the night before…so please don’t let me put you of the juice.

But saying all that…progress has been made! The Road ahead looks…beautiful, exciting, challenging. In one word AMAZING.

The road ahead....

I have decided how I want to tackle my health and lack of energy issues. Thanks to one of my ‘Heroines’ I discovered ‘Crazy Sexy Diet’ by Kris Carr. It is an amazing eye-opener of a book, beautifully written and even more beautifully designed. Kris makes all issues concerning health and diet entertaining and compelling.

This book has helped me throw out my scales and set a different set of standards for my health other than my weight. It’s energy I want, a state of health that radiates from the inside out, an internal glow that means more than scales and tape measurers.

I’ve decided to make pH my only measure of progress (and I might talk a bit more about that in a future post).

But to give myself the best chance of success this time I’m doing it gradually: replacing some bad habits with some great habits that is.

So this week (for the sake of my pH!) I quit the coffee and the lollies…(I can sense a feeling of shock from you there, my loyal reader! ‘No COFFEE?’)

To be honest this was ridiculously easy. In fact I suddenly realised that I don’t even like coffee all that much…in the end it was nothing but a habit. The added benefit of quitting the coffee was that it saves me from drinking nearly a full litre of milk a day (yes, I DO like my coffee milky) plus 3 teaspoons of white sugar.

Next week I’m tackling harder stuff…reducing black tea to 1 cup a day, and cutting down on the booze. Yes, I drink too much and it has a very bad impact on my pH, and therefore my energy levels. That will be it for next week together with taking it easier on the work front (stress – very bad for the pH! 😉

By the way, I am applying the 19/21 principle. This basically means that out of the 21 main meals of the week, 19 should be the right ‘stuff’ in the right portion size…and the other 2 you can go crazy! This is great way to become healthier without feeling like a ‘food nun’ and give you the best chance to actually succeed in your quest.

Before I go, I want to share a little insight I had about myself this week, just a silly little thing really. I read a great novel called ‘Open House’ by Elizabeth Berg, and in this book this old, lovely lady Lydia says to the beautifully nutsy main character Sam: “Did you think your life was going to be easy?”

I know, I KNOW…it’s silly. But it occurred to me that, yes, deep down I probably did. And I’ cool with that, my life really HAS been fairly easy so far, but maybe it’s a mistake to take it for granted.
What do you think?

P.S.: If you were shocked about the coffee…you won’t believe what I’ll give up next!