The BIG Bad M-Word

Published February 10, 2013

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The Big Bad M-WordThere’s a word that’s almost worse than the F-Word. I know that because I hear people use the F-Word in seminars and webinars all the time and people are still paying to listen.

But use the ‘M’ word and things rapidly change. People run…if not out of the room, they switch off  in their heads. The word I am talking about is…


Don’t believe me? It’s true! I mention money on Facebook and a couple of peeps unlike the page. I do a video on money mindset, and people start to unsubscribe. I got an email this morning where someone indicated that she could trust me, that I must be genuine, because my prices are reasonable. WOW!

I’m not being judgmental here, that’s not the point, but this is something I have GOT to raise with you. Because here’s the thing: if you have hangups and bangups around money and you are struggling in your business and wondering why…well you’ve got your answer right there!

Deal With Your Money Hangups

There is nothing wrong with having money. Nothing wrong with wanting to have it either.  Nothing wrong with wanting to get paid for what you do. It’s why we are in business! If you disagree, then you have a hobby – not a business.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, there’s no doubt about it. But it sure works the other way around.

Because if you are seriously struggling with money, you CANNOT be happy. I see it, every day. I see business owners who have trouble sleeping at the end of each month, because they don’t know if they’ll be able to pay their staff. Business owners (especially coaches, trainers and so forth) who feel a fake every minute of every day, because they fail to make a decent living from their business. I have seen marriages split up over money. Children suffer.

Money is a necessity of life, it’s as simple as that. More money means a  better quality of life. It means more choices. It means a greater sense of security, better health care options, a longer life, a better education for your kids, less stress, more comfort. More freedom. More time.

Why would you not want all of that?

The fact is: I can give you all the tools that you need to stop struggling in your business. I can help you get more clients and make a bigger impact. But if you are looking at money as if it was evil, or dirty, if you are looking at people who have a lot of money as if they must be fishy, or even criminal, then we will need to deal with that first.

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