Stop Chasing Clients. Get Them To Come To YOU.

Published March 3, 2014

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If you’re a coach, mentor, PT or anyone who’s in the business of helping people, you will more than likely have experienced this: you really want to help people and you really think you CAN, but you just don’t have enough clients to make your business work.

Clients are the LIFEBLOOD of your business. They’re not just the key to financial success…

…they are your REASON for BEING.

If you don’t have clients, you have no business, no money, and you don’t get to make a difference.

Yes or yes?

And there’s even more to it than that, because your clients also give you a sense of achievement; they’re your best teachers ‘cos you’ll only get excellent at what you do if you practice your skills consistently; they can help you GROW your business on a massive scale, because they are the ones who will spread the word about you; and last but not least they are your community, the people who trust and value you and who will support you through thick and thin.

Getting Clients Has To Be A No.1 Priority For You

Now here’s a dazzling fact: despite the fact that our business relies 150% on our clients, most people in this industry (e.g. the coaching industry in the widest sense) spend all their time and money on training and even more training, and they spend hardly any time getting clients (e.g. marketing their business).

So Why’s That?

I have been thinking about this question for a long time, and one of the answers I have come up with is that there is no other industry in the world who feel so strongly about marketing…that is about NOT marketing, and that is because they feel it will tarnish their message, their methods and themselves if they stoop so low as to market their business.

Here’s What You Need To Understand:

Marketing has changed from being a 1-Way System where advertisers would blast their messages at us from billboards and the TV and the Radio, to a 2-Way Street where we get to actually have a say (as experienced on Blogs, Social Media, You Tube and so forth) about which messages we want to listen to.

This has opened up incredible opportunities for the ‘girl (and the guy) next door’ who run small enterprises from their home office.

Because these days it is NOT about what you have to spend any more (although it does help if you have a small advertising budget), it is about WHO YOU ARE.

Being Who You Are Is The Biggest Opportunity There Is Today

The internet has expanded our reach to a ginormous degree which allows us to create a business that works without us having to squeeze ourselves into a box of who we think we should be.

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