Secrets Of Marketing Success – Build Your List!

Published November 2, 2013

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First Of All: What Is A List?

Your ‘list’ is a database of existing and potential customers. Marketers call them ‘leads’. Many marketers will argue that the larger your list the better, because it means that you have more potential customers.

This is true, however there is a lot more to it than that!

The 3 Traits that your List must Have

When you start building your list, you must make sure that:

1. You create a targeted list of subscribers
2. Your subscribers are craving for your information
3. Your subscribers are willing to part with their money, and pay to have their problem solved!

How important these 3 traits are really hit home when I was attending an implementation day with my Mastermind Group. One of our beautiful members had been doing very well for herself over the last year coaching one-on-one and running trainings.

She had also built a list of followers through a networking event that she had created. She had put her heart and soul into this network and had had amazing feedback from her ‘tribe’. Then she made them a low cost membership offer…

…and woke up to a nasty surprise.

Not only did nobody take up her offer, but people started complaining left-right-and-centre!

Her tribe wasn’t willing to PAY for her hard work. They were happy to benefit from it, but they were not going to part with their dollars. Whichever way you look at it…

Your business depends on Making Sales!

And the largest list in the world won’t do anything for you if you haven’t got a crowd of targeted, hungry subscribers who are willing to pay for what you have to offer.

So, just how are you going to build this list?

The first step is to create a sign up form on your website that allows people to ‘opt IN’ and leave their contact details with you. This opt-in is connected to your Email Marketing Software. This is a service of your choice that allows you to send e-mails to your subscribers automatically (Aweber for example). And this software saves the details of your subscribers into a database…eh voila, you’ve started building your List!

If you don’t know how to do these steps, I have created a FREE Email Marketing Course for Beginners.

Now let’s get started!

There are at least 25 things that come to my mind immediately when talking about How to Build a List. I want to get started by sharing the 3 most effective ways to get more subscribers online (and yes, there are offline strategies to get subscribers onto your e-mail list, too).

1. Create a Fabulous Opt In Gift
2. Have a blog
3. Market your Site on Google or Facebook

1. Your ‘Hook’ Or Opt-in Gift

Your ‘hook’ is what entices your visitors to give you their name and e-mail address. Traditionally, this used to be a Newsletter, and I’m sure you’ve seen this line many times: “Receive our fortnightly Newsletter FREE”.
Newsletters are so passé! Everybody’s Inbox is overflowing with messages without consistently receiving extra information through newsletters, and I’m sure you are feeling the same.

Your hook has to be something better than a newsletter. Remember: your visitors are looking for something, a specific benefit, and they want it now! Create a short ebook, audio or video that your prospects can download or view instantly so you won’t have to do any extra work once you have this set up.

I’ll give you three Bonus tips to ensure that you will get your visitors hooked:

• Give your ‘Hook’ a catchy title (‘The 3 Steps…’, ‘How to…’, ‘What nobody has ever told you about…’ or similar)
• The most successful opt-in button reads: ‘FREE Instant Access!’ (tried and tested for aeons)
• Place your opt-in box in the top right hand corner of your site so it’s one of the first things
your visitors will see

Put these simple foundations in place, and you will grow your list with ease.

In my FREE Email Marketing Course I show you EXACTLY…

  • how to create an Opt In Gift that your subscribers will find hard to resist,
  • how to create a Sign Up form for your website
  • and more!

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2. Have a blog

Blogging has proven to be a fantastic way of attracting subscribers and if you haven’t created you own blog yet, now is the time to do it.

A blog works in your favour with the search engines, because search engines LOVE fresh
content. Blog posts are the easiest and quickest way of updating your content. You can choose to post daily, twice weekly or even weekly, just make sure you are consistent.

You can even backdate your blogs or set future publishing dates to automate this process.

Another benefit of a blog is that it allows you to build a community. Most blog templates allow readers to leave comments. This is a great way of getting a conversation going, and this in turn is makes for effective social proof: others love what you do? Well, you must be good then!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

…because possibly one of the greatest benefits of a blog is that it allows you to educate your visitors, build their trust and build a relationship with them.

And that’s what great marketing is all about, to build a relationship with your customer!
Brian Tracy has said that customers describe the most successful sales people as ‘friends’, ‘teachers’ and ‘helpers’. Make sure that this is how your customers describe you, too, and your Sales will happen naturally.

3. Start an Online Marketing Campaign on Google or Facebook

Now that you have your hooks in place, it’s time to spend a few dollars on getting the word out! Both Google and Facebook advertising campaigns can be very effective in leading more visitors to your site. It’s called PPC (or Pay Per Click Advertising).
This way you get to play with your ad and the words and images you use, because you only pay when they click. Be aware that these campaigns can get very expensive when a lot of people start to click through your ad.


• Specify a time frame for your ad
• Set the maximal budget to what you are actually willing to spend
• And set a maximum of what you are willing to pay for each click.

DO measure your results! You must find out what creating that lead has actually cost you,
because you don’t want to end up spending more money on the campaign than you can make back.

Want to learn more about How To Build Your Own List of Eager Subscribers and Turn them Into Buyers?

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