Quality vs Quantity On Social Media

Published January 29, 2013

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Quality vs Quantity on Social MediaOne thing you need to know about Social Media (as is true for most things in life) is that when it comes to Quality vs Quantity, Quality will always win the day. Yes, we all want to grow the number of our followers, for sure. But make sure you do it organically.

I use Social Media to grow my business first and foremost. This doesn’t mean that my friends can’t check in on me here. It doesn’t mean that I can’t be friend-ly. After all this IS what Social Media is all about. But I don’t accept any old friend request. I have to like the face, I have to be connected to them through other friends or they need to send me a message that sounds sincere. And I weed through my friend list occasionally.

If people don’t engage me with their posts, ever, if they get on my nerves (sorry – don’t mean to sound harsh) more than a couple of times…it’s ‘so long’ and the ‘unfriend’ button.

And that’s ok. Because if I don’t connect with them, more than likely they don’t connect with me either, so it’s a win-win to let’em go. I free up some of their space as much as I free up some of mine.

I do a lot of my Social Media Marketing very intuitively. It has helped me build a community of awesome people: supportive folks, who cheer with me when things go well. Uplifting people, who share things of value.

Subsequently, I LOVE hanging out here. It doesn’t feel like work to me at all.

Now you can’t be as choosey on your business pages. I think that because I have been picky with my friends, I have never had any issues on my pages either, so I recommend it. But it can happen. Someone might post some negative, horrible or downright idiotic stuff. Don’t argue with them. Get rid of them.

P.S.: There’s one hidden lesson here, btw. Don’t buy fans, EVER!