Oprah does it…and so can you!

Published February 13, 2010

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Gratitude is a very powerful state of mind. Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the few things that has been scientifically proven (in a Harvard study no less) to make you happier. How fantastic is that? All it takes is some paper and a pen and the true desire to find more happiness in your life. I keep my gratitude journal by the side of my bed and write down 3 things every morning and every night that I am grateful for.

Yes, Oprah has one, too!

My journal contains everything from being able to breathe (I nearly died of Carbon monoxide poisoning in Australia’s Black Saturday Bushfires last year), to being healthy and being blessed enough to live in Australia which is a prosperous and peaceful country. My beautiful kids feature every day. And so on.
Another way of experiencing gratitude can be to tell yourself the things that you are grateful for, maybe on your daily walk. One of my mentors call this her ‘Hour of Power’.
Please try this one, it doesn’t cost anything and is so empowering!¬†Especially¬†in times where you feel that you are having it tough!