Oh Happy Day!

Published December 2, 2011

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Have you got a song that makes you feel great (could be more than one, of course)?
A song that lifts you up and changes your state no matter where you are or how you feel?

Songs like that are so important when it comes to pushing some goals, stepping out of your comfort zone and feeling great about it. You must have a copy of such a song available to you AT ALL TIMES.

I have a few different ones that help me face certain situations, raise my energy levels and give me a boost.

For example…before I run a webinar, I always listen to Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl In The World’. In fact once I suddenly had a message from my co-presenter saying ‘I can hear you, you know!’ (ooooopsi). Because I consider myself a bit of a singer myself and I don’t just listen to Rihanna…I’m kinda belting it out there. She must have thought I was MAD.

‘Oh Happy Day’ lifts my spirits and makes me feel like something truly special and worthwhile is happening right now…a miracle if you will. Something that is larger than myself, maybe even larger than life. And for me that’s not because of any religious connotation, but it’s just the effect that gospel has on me.

So, if you want to achieve heaps in the next 191 days (and counting)…get yourself some songs that can change your state (I know you have them, you just need to remember them and make them easily accessible at any time).

And if any obstacles seem to get in the way…just belt ’em out. Very healthy, you’ll see…

And please share the songs that change your state…just leave a comment.