Mum-preneurs and Aspiring Mum-preneurs

Published March 14, 2011

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If you are a Mum, and you want to start your own business,


If you already have a business, and are a Mum or in any stage of becoming one…

Welcome, you are in the right place!

It’s a huge transition to go from being full on busy in a work environment or business, to sitting home alone with baby. And no matter how much we all love our children, some days it just sucks.

The good news is that there are simple strategies that nobody taught us at school that can make all the difference.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by today, because what you are about to discover can change your life. On this site, you will find the simple strategies which lead to being even more Happy, Sexy and Brainy than you ever thought possible. There’ll be stuff that makes you think, stuff to inspire you to take action, fun stuff and…stuff that really kicks but(t)!

Firstly, I’d love for you to have some fun and do my QUIZ ‘Which Famous Female Movie Character Are You?” Over 10,000 ladies have taken this quiz and loved it!

And that’s not all… You will find other Mums out there who struggle with the exact same things that you are struggling with, and you can connect with them in a positive and uplifting way.

Please do yourself a favour and bookmark this page! There’s a little tab at the very top of your page, where it says ‘Bookmarks’. Click on that,  then click ‘bookmark this page’, and don’t forget the ‘done’ button at the bottom. You know it’s a jungle out there, on the net, but now you can’t lose us again! 😉

Once you’ve bookmarked, check out some of the free stuff, ask some questions, start a conversation. You may make a friend for life or a great business connection right here on this site! And please, feel free to pass the message (and this website) on to your friends!
Have some fun, get inspired, think some new thoughts and meet some new people! Look forward to chatting soon.
P.S.: Last but not least, this site is about making a difference to other, less fortunate Moms. 10% off our turnover (NOT profit, turnover) goes to charity. I’ll keep you posted on exactly where it goes and who is benefitting.