Love Your Life

Published January 28, 2013

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Are you living a life that you love? Or do you keep asking yourself:

Is this it? Is this all there is? Is this all I’m meant to feel, all I’m meant to desire, all I’m meant to create?

The answer is: probably not, buttercup, because nobody lives to their full potential, most of us don’t come even close, and many, many of us are outright burnt out, unhappy and frustrated.

But the good news is: it doesn’t have to be this way!

It’s your time. It’s your turn. And it is right now.

Darlin’, I hate to be blunt, but you only have this one life. And if you’re asking yourself those questions (and if you’re still here then you probably do), then it is time for a change. And before you ask, yes, change is possible. If I can do it, so can you.

And I have done it, lovey, more than once. I like to joke that I’m like a cat and have lived 7 lives. It’s not quite true, of course, but I have had one hell of a ride.

I have lived and worked in 4 different countries on two continents in more jobs than I care to remember…

I have been a waitress, a veterinary surgeon, a coach and a mentor, I have had a couple of businesses, I have been unemployed, looked after other people’s children, I have even worked in a slaughterhouse (yes, that was part of my veterinary degree and it was gawd-awful)…and that’s not all.

I have had my challenges, some nearly crushed me. I have been through times that have – plainly – sucked, I nearly died in Black Saturday’s bush fires, I have been almost bitten to death by a fighting dog and then told by my boss not to be a sissy (I thought I was taking it quite well). You can read that long story here (people tell me it has made them cry, made them laugh and everything in between, so if you’re interested head right over).

But I’ve also known bliss, been outrageously happy and fulfilled, I have two beautiful children who are (oops…cliche ahead) the light of my life, and I’m so proud of them it is almost embarrassing. I have seen some of the most amazing places on earth, lived in walking distance from gorgeous beaches, have eaten outrageously expensive delicacies, ahh…and the people! The wonderful, gorgeous and amazing people I have the pleasure to know and hang out with!

Today, people tell me I have charisma, that I’m inspiring, a gifted speaker (and I’m not saying this to brag, honest, I’ll make a point of it soon), that they want what I have (and how can they get it?), and I live the life of my dreams (well, the life I dreamt about 3 years ago…now my dreams have grown a little, of course!).

That wasn’t always the case though. I had to work for it. Had to fight for it. Had to grit my teeth and just keep on going for a long time. 

What I’m trying to say here is: you can have that too. Or anything else that you put your mind to. A nicer house. More supportive friends. A business or career you love.

You can feel more sassy, hot, creative, passionate, happy, in the zone, fulfilled, successful, confident…whatever rocks your boat, hon. You really can. And you’ll have it much easier than I did, ‘cos you’re not alone.

And yes, I can help you get this too, and I will, if you let me.

All you have to know right now is that it’s your turn and that you are ready for the next step. And that you are not alone. We’ll do this step by step, and (as the Martin Luther King quote said you don’t have to see the whole staircase yet, all you need to do is take the first step).

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