Joint Venture With Kath

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Joint Ventures are all about creating Win-Win Situations for two business owners. This means, that both parties must be able to create a benefit from this situation and be able to grow their business with each others support.

Who Should JV With Me?

To create a successful Joint Venture, two businesses must compliment each other. This means that they must have a similar target market, but provide a solution for different problems.

For example, you could be a Virtual Assistant who works predominantly with women in business, so that we could refer clients to each other without creating a competitive situation. Or you could be a Time Management Specialist who helps business owners be more effective.

But there’s more to it than that! It’s extremely important to me that when I work with others our values match. One of my biggest values is Integrity. Integrity in business means to me that you have a great product or service to sell that actually helps people. You also must have a deep desire to help people.

Joint Ventures are at their best, when businesses are at a similar success level. For example, you should have a similar Social Media Presence and a similar size list to mine.

If you like what I do and if you think we could work well together (even if you’re not quite clear HOW yet), it might be worth having a chat. Email me at to explore further! I would love to support you.