How To Write A Home Page

Published July 9, 2013

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Hey, today I want to help you with a question that concerns most business owners, whether they are in the PROCESS of creating a website, or whether they already HAVE a website, but they’re just not happy with what this website is doing for their business.


So here’s the 3 Top Mistake that Biz Owners Make when writing a Home Page, followed by How to actually Write a Home Page.

How To Write A Home Page – Mistake #1

Almost everybody (and that includes ME) who writes website copy for the first time, starts by talking all about…well YOU. Here’s what this usually sounds like:

Welcome to LifeChanger! I’m Jane Doe and I am passionate about helping people get a better life. I have worked for years in the coaching industry and now I have designed a tested and proven system…

This may sound a little harsh, but when someone first shows up at your website, they actually don’t care about YOU. They care about them! Yep, it’s a mistake easily made, but if your website Home Page copy sounds like that…you need to CHANGE it.

How To Write A Home Page – Mistake #2

Another really common rookie mistake is talking in Features rather than Benefits.

As an example:

Welcome to Fabulous Web Design. We make websites. We do your SEO. We can help you with your Facebook marketing. (that’s features)

You need a Website that represents your business in the right way and gets you more clients. You need to rank on top of Google so you can make more Sales. And you know that Social Media is a massive opportunity today, and we’ll help you create lucrative relationships on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. (that’s benefits)

Benefits make for a much more compelling read, right?

How To Write A Home Page – Mistake #3

Finally, the third most common blunder is using a weak headline. One of the weakest and most used headlines in the world is:


Here’s what you must consider when you write your Home Page Headline: you have got 2 or 3secs to make a first impression. This impression is based on overall look and images more than anything else. This is the first barrier you have to move people across so you MUST look good.

Only once you’ve cracked that barrier people will actually take in your words. And the first words they will take in…your headline! It’s gotta be short, punchy, and have the MAIN benefit they’re going to get from your product or service!

But now let’s look at how to actually do this:

How To Write A Home Page

The first words have to tell them: yep, I’M in the right place. I have THIS problem. And this person gets it. So he/she must know how to solve it.

You can do this via questions or you can go with a statement.



YOU are stuck in a rut. You are constantly busy, busy and in a rush. So you eat crap. You never take
time to exercise (or smell the roses) or do any of the things that REALLY matter to you. The things that take your life from ‘working’ and ‘getting everything done’to actually having a life that you LOVE.

You slowly pile on the weight (or maybe you already feel downright fat). You have no energy.

Well, you get the gist!


Are you stuck in a rut? Are you constantly busy and never actually enjoying your life? Are you slowly piling on weight and getting more and more tired and frustrated?

What’s important here is to hold up a mirror and show them their pain! Even better show them, that you really GET their pain (that goes for a product as well as service by the way).

Then show them that you can actually solve the problem and how.

That’s it. It’s really THAT simple.

If you already have a website, go to it now and see how it holds up.

Any questions or comments, let me know!

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by Kath Luty | Business Mentor