How To Look Good On Video

Published March 4, 2013

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How To Look Good On VideoSo I did this video on How To Look Good On Video. I edit it and upload it and by the time it’s up on You Tube my lips look like The Joker’s….so the big question is…do I take it off and start again, or do I let it stand as a point taken? or do I call it how to look ridiculous on video? What do you think? Plus it’s a Q&A Friday video which is actually three days late. So I could also call it How NOT to run your business. lol

Fact is: we’re all human. Dare to act, dare to put something out there even if it’s not perfect. Successful people are rarely perfect…but they always always always take action.

So here’s the video with the awful lips…enjoy!

And here’s the summary of my 5 Hottest Tips on How To Look Good On Video:

How To Look Good On Video #1

Dare to put yourself on Video! Yes, the most important thing you need to know on How To Look Good On Video is that you actually have to do a video to look good in it. And whilst that might seem blatantly obvious, I still get people all the time who understand the power of Video and yet refuse to use it to promote their business.

Just try it! And don’t be too harsh on yourself. Most people (even successful Holywood Stars) cringe when they watch themselves back on the screen.

Get some feedback from others. Ask them to be gentle, but honest! That’s much better feedback then the stuff that’s going on in your head, believe me!

How To Look Good On Video #2

You want to look good on Video? You have to practise! It took me 6 hours to do my first 10min video
(you can watch that here…this is 4 years ago and I got awesome feedback on it. But it took a LOT of time.)

Fact is that Video is the most powerful way to connect with people online. I sell a very high priced product based on my Videos and a 30min conversation alone. That’s powerful! It doesn’t have to cost much either.

So if you want to spread your message on a low budget, give it a try!

How To Look Good On Video #3

Talk about something that you know well and that you are passionate about! The better you know your subject the easier it will be for you to focus on your performance. Start with short video tutorials on How To Do something. This is what most people are most comfortable with and it’s also what most people actually want to watch.

How To Look Good On Video #4

Dress in something that makes you feel GREAT. Have your hair and makeup done if that helps. Don’t wear black or white, but wear a colour that compliments you. Think back to the times when you were a little girl and played at dress-ups…and how amazing it felt to get dressed up. Tap into that feeling when you dress for the camera and you’ll come across confident.

How To Look Good On Video #5

Talk to 1 person…not a crowd! This is probably the biggest tip I have for you if you’re feeling apprehensive about doing Videos. No matter how many people are likely to see your videos (might be 10, or 100 or millions!), but you will come across the most natural and passionate if instead of talking to the camera, you’ll talk to one specific person.

That person could be your best friend, or your ideal client…that person that you most want to help with your product or service.

Never forget: nobody’s perfect. Even super successful people aren’t perfect. But they always, always, always take action.

Oh, and if you want a laugh…this is how far I will go to show you that you don’t have to look perfect on video to spread your message. I might send this to funny home videos 😉

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by Kath Luty | Business Mentor