How To Get Your First 500 Likes On Facebook

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Q & A Friday

It’s everybody’s burning question: Just how do you get your first 500 likes on Facebook?

This weeks question is from Sofiyah in Sydney, Australia. Sofiyah is a Hair and Make-up Expert who specialises in making Women look Stunning on their Special Days (Weddings, Debutants and other).

You can find Sofiyah at

Whilst this was a great question, it was actually too big to fit into a 10min video! So I have added some extra value and I have created a Facebook Tactics pdf, “The 9 Things To Post On Facebook To Get More Likes”. Download it HERE!

Get access to your video here.

Below you will also find a video which explains exactly how to use the Facebook Timeline to your greatest advantage. This is your online Real Estate…you have got to make the most of it!

Please ignore the first minute or so…I did this a few months back.

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