How To Generate Leads Instantly On Autopilot

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This is the fastest, cheapest and most sure-fire way to Get More Exposure, Get Seen As The Go-To Expert in your Industry, and Get More Clients!

It has taken me 4 years and thousands and thousands of dollars to work this out, but you don’t have to. It’s right here for you. So watch your video now!

The Life & Biz Makeover Challenge | Kath Luty | Part 3 from Kath Luty on Vimeo.

Here’s what you need to set up your Instant Lead Generator On Autopilot:

1. A Product
2. A Sequence of 3 – 5 FREE pieces of content (e.g. written, audio, video)
3. An Email Marketing System (I use Aweber)
4. A sequence of 5 – 7 Emails that deliver your content
5. A Sales Page (you can use
6. A way to Send Traffic to your Sales Page


As a Bonus, I promised to share with you The 36 Ways To Market Your Business. Just click on the link to download it.

And just a quick reminder that I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! It’s really important to me that you get gigantic value, so please let me know how this has helped you and what else you need to know!