How To Build Relationships That Will Make You Rich AND Happy

Published February 13, 2014

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yesterday i went to a talk about ‘how to build a network of passionate and likeminded people’. and whilst the talk itself left me a little underwhelmed there was still some great learnings to be had:

we all know that relationships are the new currency in this shiny digital world. the question is: out of all of the people that we meet, just WHO should you build relationships with?

the answer: the people who share your VALUES.

it’s a beautiful concept when you think about it.

the days when everyone tried to get into the pocket of the ‘influencers’, the ‘big fish’ are over. build a network of ‘likeminded’ people and things will start to flow for you.

let me ask you this:

how would you feel if everyone in your network shared your values? what an amazing community would you create? because if all the people in your network shared your values, this would mean that everyone else in your network shared everyone else values.

you wouldn’t have to talk about the weather. and your job. you could start conversations that are actually interesting for both parties and that go deep and wide and leave everybody happy to be in your tribe.

so what about the ‘toxics’ that we currently have in our network, certain friends, family etc.?

no need to fire them. instead start filling your network with more and more people who actually share your values and your life will change for ever. the more new likeminded people you bring into your network the more ‘toxic’ people will naturally drop out. you simply won’t find time to cater for them any more.

always remember: it’s not just WHAT you do. it’s WHO you are doing it with that will fill your life with happiness and contentment.

P.S.: this also ties in really well with this new and fantastic episode of Marie TV:

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by Kath Luty | Business Mentor