Published December 30, 2011

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I gotta tell you: I lost myself for a moment there. I really did.

I remember my first encounter with Internet Marketing a few years ago. ‘TheRichPom.com’. That was the first $79 I spent online. It could have been a revelation, but I didn’t believe it. Really? People were making money, online? With Affiliate Marketing (not that I had EVER heard the term ‘affiliate marketing’ before)???

So I bought the program, even implemented a fair amount of it. This guy actually introduced me to clickbank, and who doesn’t know about clickbank today?!

Then gave up. I just didn’t believe it. 
Since then, I have bought many a product online. I’ve given some back, too, and got my money out. Not because they were wrong. I have never actually felt that I was conned at all. It was just that I was only going to pay if I learned something new. And over time, and with the many products I invested in, I just found that there was less and less new stuff.

Over time, I did establish who my ‘heroes’ were, too. 
Jeff Walker, Mike Koenigs, Yanik Silver, Taki Moore, Sharon Pearson, Marie Forleo, John Jonas, and a few more (took a while to find some really successful women in this arena at first).
The guys with the knowledge AND the integrity (well, for the most part anyway). Some heroes came and went and that’s ok too.

But then, as I said in the beginning, I lost myself for a moment. 

I didn’t know who inspired me any more. There was nothing fresh, nothing new, nothing revelatory…I just lost hope I guess. I was looking for role models. Someone who REALLY inspired me. A business model that I truly admired and wanted to recreate.

It was a desert for a while.

But then suddenly, within just a couple of weeks I discovered some new ‘heroes’…actually more ‘heroines’ than heroes this time. Successful people who are out there serving and inspiring others AND make a REAL good living out of it at the same time.

These girls (and guy) reminded me that it IS possible to create an authentic, exciting business based on your passion with fun and integrity…online!

So, here they are, check them out if you want. You might agree that these guys have something that you could desire…and model:

Andrew Roberts for ‘The Art of the 5 Figure Webinar’ (thanks for running a webinar for me in January, Andrew!).

Danielle LaPorte @WhiteHotTruth.com for ‘in honour of the fact that life is short: ecstatic sex, quitting, and wearing your best’ and just generally for being outrageously original, successful and simply an A-M-A-zing inspiration.

Kate Northrup for the Freedom Tour.

And Shellie Hunt for the quote: ‘Business is meant to free us from the chains that bind us, not so we’re bound by the chains of business.’ and for reminding me that people are not meant to live small.

We’re meant to live large.

Let’s do it.

Let’s Live Large.

P.S.: Finally thank you to Ludwina Dautovic to introducing me to Shellie through RedTentRadio.com. Miss talking to you. Despite it all.
P.P.S: I have an amazing little gift for the person who leaves the best comment below. My FAVOURITE book. It’s called: ‘Oh, the places you’ll go’. It’s by Dr Seuss. I’ll send it to you. Just leave a great comment…and check back in on the 14th of January 2012.