Think or Swim – A business model worth a second look

Published January 15, 2010

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Summer holidays, and the kids are doing a fast-track swimming course at King’s.
Whilst they are swimming, I’m thinking.

We’ve been at King’s for a few months now. I love it. It wasn’t love at first sight though.

The first time we went, I walked in and thought: wow, this is HELL! The place was packed to the rafters, it was hot and humid, and the noise…!

My mood started to swing when a member of staff walked past, nodded politely and gave me a beaming smile. Then I noticed how much fun the kids were having. A little later, I was offered a cup of tea (they had me then)!

If I’ve ever seen a well run business with a fantastic underlying business model, King’s is it!

They have a classic ascension passing the kids through different levels of skills, from K1 to K15; they tie you in from day one by asking for a joining fee and monthly payments; they give you some really nice looking gismos (T-shirts and a folder to keep track of progress); they are extremely well organised; it’s clean; there is plenty of staff and they look after you.

There’s a lot more to be said about this model (and you’ll probably hear about this again from me, just can’t help it!).

Over the months, I (and the kids) have become raving fans of King’s (for differing reasons, I guess). If you asked me why we keep going back, it’s because they go the extra mile, every time. When it was baking hot in Melbourne the other day, they came round with cups of iced water, not just once – they kept them coming! It’s just a pleasure to be there, because the staff seems to recognize you, appreciate your custom and take care of you.

Which of these traits can you apply to your business right now? How would this improve your business over the next few months?