Having A Bad Day?

Published February 5, 2013

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How To Sweeten The Sour Days In Your Business

Sweeten The Sour Days In Business
Being in business is a blessing. But some days it can feel like a curse.

The days when work is slow to come in, a lot slower than the bills. When someone says ‘No’ when you expected a ‘Yes’. The days when your customers or clients complain, or even quit. When you feel criticised, ostracised. And those when you feel like a fake. The days when there’s so much to be done that you can’t seem to see the top of the mountain ahead of you.

The days when you feel like giving up.

Don’t do it, don’t give up.

Watch the video (for a laugh! and) to find out what I do to deal with Having a Bad Day!

Instead learn to sweeten those days. It’s a skill to get through them, like anything else, and an important one at that. Because it’s days like this that make the difference between failure and success. If you give in to a sour day – it’s over. If you don’t, you will eventually succeed.

So here’s a couple of things you can do sweeten your sour days in business.

Having A Bad Day Strategy #1: Create a community of raving fans around you. Not just (but also) on Facebook. Don’t share your ‘stuff’ with them (not whilst you’re dealing with it anyway), but feel their support. Enter into a conversation with them. Tell them a joke. Let them cheer you up.

Having A Bad Day Strategy #2: Get a coach or mentor who believes in you and what you do more than you do. That’s their job by the way. These are the days when you must contact them and when they will pull you through.

Having A Bad Day Strategy #3:  Get away from it. Even if it means something won’t get done today. When you’re in business, your work is never finished anyway. You might as well get used to it. Go for a walk for an hour. Go out for a nice lunch even if (no – especially if) you can’t really afford it. Buy yourself some flowers. Or put on some LOUD music and sing and dance like you were 17.

Then go back. Refreshed. More creative. And calmer.

Don’t. Give. Up. 

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