Goal Setting is for Achievers

Published April 14, 2010

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Many things have been said in favour of goal setting, most of them true. The fact is, that goal setting is not for everyone. Goal setting is for the people who want to achieve that little bit extra, who want to live with a little bit more awareness, focus and celebration in their lives.

It’s been said that a plane spends 98% of it’s journey through the air off course. The reason why it still reaches its destination is, because a target was set before take-off.

We have a very similar system in our brains. It’s called the RAS (the Reticular Activating System). If you give this system in your brain a specific destination, it will do all it can do to help you reach it.

On the other hand: If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there.

So if you are one of the people who wants to reach their destination, live with purpose and find fulfilment, then goal setting is for you.

The SMART goals are a well known and often used system for setting goals, and I’ll just give you a quick rundown here. As an example, I’ll use business goals, but this works no matter if your next goal is health and fitness related, financial or other.

Let’s get started:

S stands for ‘specific’. Example: I want to serve 20 clients each month in my business creating a profit of $10,000 per month.

M stands for ‘measurable’. So be specific with your numbers, so that you can measure your success.

A stands for ‘stated As if’. You always want to state your goals in a positive statement, and as if you’d already achieved it. Example: On the 1rst of November 2010, I have served 50 clients through my business, creating a profit of…

R stands for ‘realistic’. If you make your goal unreachable, your brain is not going to believe in it and won’t make any great effort to help achieve it.

T stands for ‘timely’. Set yourself a time limit (date) by which you have achieved your goal.

And here’s a little secret about goal setting that I would like to share just with you…

SMART becomes even more powerful as SMARTIE, and the ‘ie’ stands for ‘incredibly emotional’. If you have too little emotional attachment to your goal, or in other words if your ‘Why’ isn’t big enough, you won’t get there.

Example: say someone was grossly overweight and had the goal to reach 75kgs of weight by the 1rst of August 2010, because they want to be fit and healthy. This alone might not be enough to get them through the ‘tough’ times though. However, if they look at their children and consider what an example they are setting for them, then that can carry enough emotional impact to make it happen.

I have managed to get one of my favourite goal setting programs for sale onto this page. It’s Carol Fox’s Life Performance Series. It contains a beautiful meditation/visualization exercise, helps you discover your values and gives you all the tools you’ll ever need to reach your phenomenal goals.

To your success!