Getting To The Top Of Google [Part 1]

Published June 26, 2013

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It’s one of THE most asked questions in my business:

How, just HOW do you get to the Top of Google when you’re competing with almost 1 Billion other websites today?

Watch the video and discover some Ninja (Lateral Thinking) Ways of getting there fast (includes real examples):

How To Get To The Top Of Google 1 from Kath Luty on Vimeo.

So…Getting To The Top Of Google…still such an illusive goal?

Let’s see!

Getting To The Top Of Google – Ninja Strategy #1

Use You Tube To Get To The Top Of Google

You Tube essentially works not so much differently from Google. It’s a Search Engine (of sorts). People use it, to find information, especially ‘How Tos’. (hint – if you want a lot of people to watch your videos, create ‘How To’ Videos!)

The thing is that there’s not a lot of people who use You Tube strategically yet, which is why you can still rank your Videos really well if you do!

The first thing you need to rank well on You Tube is that you need to use Keywords (just like you would on Google). So when you do a Video, do some keyword research first and find out what people are actually searching for! You can do this here, in the Google Keyword Tool.

Then make sure that you that you use those exact Keywords in your You Tube title and your You Tube description.

Finally, create an image that resembles a business card with your details and use this as your custom thumbnail. This way (once your You Tube Video ranks on Google) there will be a big image with your details displayed on Google’s first page as demonstrated in the Video.

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by Kath Luty | Business Mentor