Get More Traffic To Your Website – Cheap And Fast

Published March 15, 2013

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Hello again, it’s Q&A Friday!

This week’s questions (yet again) have been all about Video. But there’s ONE thing you need to know about Video that none of the Gurus are telling you about…and you get it here, today. That one thing is how to get more traffic to your website off You Tube…cheap and fast!

Watch the Video and don’t miss the additional tips below!

Step-By-Step To Get More Traffic To Your Website From Your Videos:

Get More Traffic To Your Website From Your Videos – Step 1: Decide on a Topic

Just like with your blog posts, you need a topic for your videos. Once you have decided on a topic, run your topic through the Google Keyword Tool . Then choose a Keyword Phrase (this is when your keyword actually consists of more than 1 word, which it usually does), which yields ideally between 200 and 500 monthly searches in your country.

This EXACT keyword phrase is what you are going to use in your Video Title, Description and your Tags.

Get More Traffic To Your Website From Your Videos – Step 2: Create a Video

There’s two things that hold people back from doing video. The first is confidence – people are afraid of the camera. The second is time – ‘cos shooting video takes quite a bit of time.

However there are ways of getting around both those objections and that is creating videos from stills (= photos, images) and creating videos from a presentation. In both cases you don’t need any confidence. And whilst putting together a presentation still takes a fair bit of time, creating videos from stills is super fast. (And if you don’t know how, please ask! We do that kind of thing here. And it’s affordable.)

For example, if you have an online shop, you have a plethora of product images. You can just put these in a video (like I have done in this example video) and add some music. Super simple.

Get More Traffic To Your Website From Your Videos – Step 3: Create a Graphic for Your Video Thumbnail

Your video will be at it’s most effective if you create a thumbnail that contains the keyword and your contact information (like in the image below).I have scaled this image down a bit but this is a shot of Google’s page 2 and tell me which listing do you think will get the most attention here??? (one of my clients, of course ;))

Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic To Your Website From Your Videos – Step 4: Upload your Video to You Tube, and Optimise your Title, Description and Tags

Once you have uploaded your Video into You Tube, go to your Video Manager and click on the video you want to edit. Now put your keywords into the Title, Description and Tag fields. Try to always use your overall main keywords (mine are Kath Luty and Business Mentor for example), and the keyword phrase that you are optimising for (in this case Get More Traffic).

Get More Traffic

Ok, that’s it. Once you’ve figured out how to do this, you too will get more traffic to your website – the cheap, fast and easy way!

9h later…

This is how well this works, folks: 9h after I uploaded this video on You Tube, I have just a couple of views, and yet I rank amongst videos with thousands of views…just because I used my keywords!!!

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 8.28.49 PM

If you enjoyed this, join the club! My tribe kicks butt in biz and supports each other big time. If you don’t want to do this alone, just put in your details below and we’ll be around whenever you need us!

by Kath Luty | Business Mentor