Do Facebook Ads Annoy You?

Published January 16, 2014

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The opinion about Facebook Ads in business circles is still divided:

There are those who are using them successfully (including moi!) and who will sing the praise of them (whether others want to hear it or not).


Those who find the Ads annoying and therefore won’t use them, or have tried to use them and couldn’t make it work (and therefore find them even MORE annoying).

And then there are those who just FEAR that other people will get annoyed about their ads (and if that’s you, you should read on ‘cos I’m writing this JUST FOR YOU).

Whilst all these positions have some validity, I have to say: I will always choose what works over the possible sentiments of other people (as long as it’s ethical and done with integrity).

What irks me is this: why should anyone find Ads on Facebook so much more annoying than anywhere else?

*Are your going to start kicking in your postbox because all you’ll find in it is a heap of catalogues?
*Are you going to start screaming at billboards because they annoy you so much?
*Will you stop reading magazines (because let’s face it they consist to over 50% of advertising these days)?

And will you stop hanging out on Facebook because the ads annoy you? – You could! For sure.

So what does it mean for the likes of us who advertise on Facebook? Should we stop because it’s annoying some people?

NO WAY. Here’s the thing (and I keep saying this): business is NOT personal. If people don’t buy from you, it’s NOT because they don’t like you. It’s because THEY DON’T KNOW YOU EXIST!

You must get exposure to enough people to get enough sales. There’s many strategies (and I have and am using a fair few of them) to get this exposure.

To name but a few:

*cold calling
*virtual networking
*direct mail
*offline advertising
*pay per click (for example on Facebook)

Which one would you pick? Hopefully the one that got the best results for the least amount of resources?

For me, Facebook Ads work the best: it’s fast, it’s relatively cheap, it’s measurable, AND it’s even fun!

If you choose to do Facebook Ads this year and you choose to do them right (meaning actually get some tuition first, start with a few dollars a day and test and tweak until they work for you), you could be AMAZED what they will do for your business.

In fact, for many business owners it could be a matter of MAKE or BREAK.

If your success annoys other people, that’s THEIR stuff.