Before The Move

Published November 15, 2012

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I’ve got a confession to make: I am VERY anxious about my life right now. In fact not just my life, the life of my family, too, especially our kids!

BIG decision is looming over me (us!) and frankly I have no idea which way this ‘pendulum’ is going to sway. In fact there’s really no way of knowing, or even guessing right now. I’ll just have to sit it out.

Oh, and I do know that all of the above is victim language. Totally. Because of course there’s no pendulum swaying over my head. Of course the decision is mine (ours). And of course I also know that the worst place to be is the ‘Waiting Place…for people just waiting for a train to go or a bus to come or a plane to go or the mail to come…’ (which – of course – is a quote from Dr Seuss).

So one morning (or do you call 2.29AM even morning?) after waking up in a cold sweat and with the dreadful gut feeling that there will be no more sleep that night…I make a decision.

This is it.

No more victim mentality. No more cold sweat. No more whinging. Instead…

The 192 Day Challenge!


One of my favourite audios is by Wayne Dyer. He suggests living your life as if you had only 6 months to live.

It’s a great concept. Because living ‘each day as if it was the last’ doesn’t really leave much room for goals, achievements and all the ‘stuff’ that needs to get done to make progress. 6 months makes sense: it allows you to focus on the important things without losing sight of the nitty gritty.

How would YOUR life change if you lived the next 50 years in 6months installments? (Because this is not about living in fear of the end, but you get that, right? It’s about making the most of life…now!)

And how neatly does this concept fit into my life right now…because 192 days is really 6 months, give or take. And I’m determined to make these next 192 days count.

See the clock ticking away at the top of the page?

Time is going to pass no matter what you do. But 6 months is quite some time. Enough time to make some changes (big or small), enough time to kick some goals (physical, emotional or financial).

In six months you could go from overweight and feeling sick and tired…to a heathy weight and feeling fit and energetic, you could go from broke…to making some good money, you could go from having a dream…to being on the path to living your dream life.

And the difference that makes the difference could be as simple as what you are going to decide to do right now…quit reading and browse on to the next website, or stick around, maybe even bookmark or subscribe to this page, leave a comment and introduce yourself and what you want to achieve, and waiting for the support to appear. Who knows what could happen…

It’s up to you.

For me, in 192 days the ‘Waiting’ will be over. The 10 of June 2012. And we’ll be one step closer to the BIG decision (by the way: this is NOT a medical issue I’m talking about, it’s more of a geographical one, but I might talk a bit more about that another day).

If you want to find out, together with me and maybe lots of other people: How much can You achieve in 192 Days? 

Then stick around.

If you had just 6 months to live…

No, really, would you stay with the same guy (or gal)? Stay in the same house, suburb, state, country? Would you keep your job (or work your business the way you currently do)? What would be the FIRST thing you’d stop doing?

More importantly: What would be the first thing you would START doing?

Yeah, tell me that: what would you start doing? Leave a comment. And join the journey, if you want to make 2012 your best year ever.

P.S.: Just one thing, guys and girls, there’s nothing for sale here. Please come join us, make friends, share your own Freebies, share your story, your challenges, your Hot Tips…but keep this place Pitch Free. Thanks.