7 Characteristics Of Successful People

Published February 25, 2013

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7 Characteristics of Successful People

There is no one Secret to Success, but there are common characteristics of successful people.
As the saying goes, “Success without fulfillment is failure.” Fulfillment for some may mean a certain dollar figure, a big house, the right car, or the perfect job. Others may find fulfillment in relationships, family, children or pursing their passions.

Successful people know this. They not only bring the right attitude, but they bring the right characteristics to their day-to-day life as well. There are many characteristics and attitudes successful people embrace, but these 7 Characteristics Of Successful People are the most important

What makes one person more successful than another?

These 7 Characteristics of Successful People will shed a light on this question for you.

Characteristics Of Successful People #1:
Have Written Goals

It may sound silly to think about writing down your goals when you’re absolutely obsessed with them every day. The thing is, you won’t always be burning up with thoughts of your business, your success or your goals. You’ll quickly become focused on the day-to-day of life and forget the details of your plan if you don’t write down your goals in detail.

When the time comes to decide among several options, or if an opportunity pops up you have make a decision about quickly, it’s the businessperson who can look at their goals and decide which of the options truly fits with her plans. What may sound like a delightful opportunity (especially if involves travel, excitement and new people) may actually divert you from your path and derail your business, not help it. Write down your goals using dates, amounts, times and costs so you stay on track during the most down times as well as the most productive times.

Characteristics Of Successful People #2:
Have Good Boundaries

I’m always amazed at how many perfectfully brilliant and otherwise smart people have a hard time saying “no,” to friends, families, business partners and even strangers. Having good boundaries is an essential characteristic for your success. Boundaries are emotional, intellectual and mental barriers or fences that keep not so good or helpful things, people and experiences out, while allowing the things we want and welcome to pass through. It’s like having a solid front door. You let friends and guests in, but keep criminal elements out. Boundaries tell other people how we expect to be treated and what we’ll do if we aren’t treated as we expect.

For instance, a vendor or customer is unhappy with you for some reason and begins screaming and cursing at you. If you have good boundaries you say, “I don’t allow myself to be treated this way. If you want to lower your voice and speak civilly we can continue our conversation, otherwise I’m leaving you and will not speak with you again until you can respond appropriately.” Then you wait to see if they calm down. If they don’t, you leave (boundary enforcement). There are many books on the market about setting good boundaries. The better you are at setting boundaries, the better your life, your relationships and your business will be.

Characteristics Of Successful People #3:
Taking Action

Of course the fantasy is to sit back and let your business become a money making machine while you sit in a beach chair with your favorite drink and watch the ocean roll in. We all want to enjoy the money we make. But to make it you can’t be afraid of hard work. Successful people take action! They get their hands dirty. They sweat.

Very few entrepreneurs (if any!) ever get rich quick. A successful business involves long hours, hard work, sacrifices and denying your wants in order to afford your needs. Successful people know this phase of business won’t last forever if they’re working smart as well as hard.

Working hard doesn’t mean just doing backbreaking work. It means reading books, attending conferences and groups and learning how to work smarter and more efficiently as well as working physically hard. Hard work is about educating yourself about your business as well as actually working in your business.

Characteristics Of Successful People #4:
Being Willing to Fail and Fail Often

If you had to learn to walk, eat, spell, read, run and ride a bike you have experienced failure. It’s wonderful to succeed and do things right the first time, but it’s when we fail that we truly learn the most about something. We learn what not to do. We learn the warning signs that we’re about to fail. For instance: When you learn to ride a bike and lose your balance enough and crash, you learn what your body feels like right before you get so off balance you fall.

You learn to correct your position when you feel that feeling. Business is the same way. When you make bad decisions, negotiate poorly, or hire a bad employee you learn what that feels like, looks like and how it ultimately affects your business. Then you learn not to do it again. That’s how failure benefits us. The more you fail, the faster you fail and recover, the better a businessperson you become. Hopefully you learn enough each time that you don’t have to fail at everything to learn it. By trying not to fail however, you don’t fail enough to learn, so you never grow. And just like plants, people who never grow don’t produce fruit either.

Characteristics Of Successful People #5:

Believing in yourself builds confidence, and confidence breeds success. No successful athlete, businessperson, politician or person on earth succeeds without confidence. If they do luck out and achieve success, they rarely keep it without having confidence. Confidence is a belief in yourself, your decisions and your abilities. Without it, you’re paralyzed, unable to weigh your decisions or take action.

People who don’t believe in themselves tend to believe in others and depend on them to make decisions for them. That’s not success. That’s dependency. So learn to believe in your choices. Believe in your ability to make the right decisions, and believe in your ability to learn from your failures if you make the wrong decisions. That’s the secret of self-believe. You don’t believe that you’ll get things right every time. You believe that you can handle whatever comes your way. There’s a difference. Believing that you’ll get everything right is irrational. Everyone fails. If you’re afraid to act because of a fear of failure, you’re actually hurting your self-confidence.

In order to learn to believe in yourself, hang onto to past wins and triumphs. Keep a journal. Write down your successes, no matter how small. Recalling these successes will keep you going when things are tough. They are glimpses into your potential. When you have self-doubt, go back to your journal. As the evidence of your skills begins to build, so will your self-confidence and self-belief. When you fail, write down what you learned. See failure as a lesson, not as an assessment of your self-worth.

Characteristics Of Successful People #6:

There are millions of incredibly talented, but poor, broke and unhappy people in this world. Study after study of successful people and businesses shows that persistent people do better and are more successful in life than people who are simply talented. That’s good news! Why? Because if the only thing you have going for you is that you never, ever give up, chances are you’ll surpass your friend who is infinitely more talented, but not able to focus, or complete things, or to set and achieve their goals and dreams.

If you’re neither talented nor persistent, but you want to succeed, you need to start learning discipline and persistence—something you can learn in six-short weeks. Develop the habit of focus and persistence and anything you want in this world can be yours. And the best part is it costs you nothing but your time and attention! Persistence requires patience too. Fortunately, as you develop one, the other develops naturally!

Characteristics Of Successful People #7:
Caring About Others

Many people talk about caring about others, but if you watch them, they don’t really show it. Successful people have a genuine concern for those around them. Of course you can’t care for everyone you meet. You don’t have enough time! No one does. That’s why it’s important that your actions speak louder than words. Caring is not something you put in your planner or on your calendar. You can just say, “At 3 p.m. tomorrow I’m going to care for precisely 45 minutes.” Caring is something that is a part of you.

It’s the thing that drives you to say “Thank you,” and smile when a stranger opens a door for you. Caring is the thing that moves you to open the door for a stranger, to send flowers, to bake cookies, to tell an employee to go home early when they’re obviously sick. Caring is the act of noticing others who are struggling and then helping them as you are able. It doesn’t mean you save the world. It means you acknowledge their vulnerability and support them, as you’re able. That might mean telling a waitress how friendly she was and that it made your day. It might mean helping someone put together a resume, or practice for a job interview. We all know what it feels like to have someone show they care about us. Go thou and do likewise!

When you give, give generously and give from the heart. If you’re weighing the cost to you more than you’re thinking of how it helps the other person, it’s not giving. It’s a business transaction. Remember, it’s how you make people feel, and not so much exactly what you did or said, that they remember. Give with purpose and generosity and you will always succeed at whatever you do.

There is no one trick, talent, ability or secret that will make you successful. Your success is not dependent on tricks or gimmicks. It’s dependent on you—how you work, how you think, the decisions you make day-to-day. Success is rarely dependent upon only one decision…but on these…

7 Characteristics Of Successful People!
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By Kath Luty | Business Mentor