The Biggest Opportunity In The History Of Man (Woman Should I Say)

Published February 14, 2013

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3 Billion MoreThere is something inconceivable about large numbers. At some point (and I’m not quite sure which point that is) they become too much to grasp. I have an idea of how a crowd of 150 people looks like. 10,000 fit in some large football stadiums. But 1 Million people? Or 3 Billion???

So when I tell you now that the Biggest Opportunity in human history will grow even further by about 3 Billion ‘extras’ in the next 7 years then it’s probably a little hard to fathom.

The opportunity I am talking about is the internet, and the 3 Billion extras are the 3 Billion extra people who are expected to come online by 2020.

3 Billion. That’s a 3 with 9 zeros. 3,000,000,000. A BIG pie. A huge opportunity.

3 Billion more people looking for information, for connection, an education, software to run their own business, to buy products and services…you name it. So whatever it is that you have, whatever you are selling right now, if you want a piece of this pie (and you’d be crazy not to), you need to focus your resources (your time, your money and your brainpower) here…on the web.

I have been preaching this for years now. The message hasn’t changed.

The internet is AWESOME.

It allows anyone to build a sustainable business on a shoestring budget. You can set this up so you can earn more and work less. So that you can attract more people more effortlessly than ever before.

So if you are not building your community of raving fans online (and off) yet, I strongly suggest you get started. Today.