Video Course Aweber Follow Up Series

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1. Sub: Stop Struggling. Start Living. Your Time Is NOW.

Hi there !

Start transforming your life this instant: here’s Video 1.

I could not be more thrilled to see you, because it means that you are ready to make it happen this year.

The start of a New Year is always magical – everything seems possible, change is in the air and hopes and dreams just seem to grow a life of their own!

Then…reality bites!

If you’re anything like me, you have made New Year’s resolutions before…and not stuck to them. Or you have already given up on even MAKING any resolutions, because you feel like you can’t stick to them anyway.

Now we’re almost half-way through the year and how is it going for you?

The thing is:

Time will pass whatever you choose to do today. In six months time (if you keep doing what you’re doing right now), you could be in exactly the same spot that you are now. Or (if you make a real decision today and make some changes) you could have a life and business that you love. Seriously. I did it, so I know you can do it too.

Your Time Is Now.

This is the first of 5 Video Sessions we’ll have together. This one is the foundation for your success this year. It’s all about How to Feel Great Instantly and Regain Your Sparkle so you become Irresistible to your New Customers and Clients.

Watch it NOW!

See you on the other side!!!

Yours Kath

P.S.: What ARE your goals this year? Tell us on Facebook, we’d love to hear about it.

P.P.S.: Remember…just watching won’t change your life. Taking ACTION will.

2. Sub: Fire Up #1

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3. Sub: – Discover The Most Important Thing That Will Increase Your Profit

Hello again, !

Here’s today’s video!
How are you today? Feeling great about your life?

If so, then congratulations! You have implemented the 3 Steps to Feeling Great about Your Life Instantly from 2 days ago. And you have saved yourself thousands of dollars in Personal Development courses, too.

In today’s session, we’ll talk about the MOST important thing that you need to do consistently in your business, day after day, if you are serious about making your business highly profitable.

So here’s today’s video!

Let me know how you get on. Share your thoughts on Facebook, and make sure you introduce yourself and your business for the bonus of FREE publicity (after all, there are more than 550 people hanging out with us and that number is growing fast right now).

Until next time,

yours Kath

P.S.: Have you blocked out 30min to Makeover your Life and Biz every day for the next 8 days yet? If not, do it now!

4. Sub: Fire Up #2

5. Sub: – Do you want an Instant Lead Generator that works even when You Sleep?

Sounds too good to be true, ?
Watch this right now, and call me on it. I don’t want to keep you a minute longer.

Yours truly, Kath

P.S.: This IS almost to good to be true actually. You’ve GOT to see it for yourself.

P.P.S.: The image below is a screen shot of the leads that have been coming in in the space of just over 24h. This really works.

6. Sub: Fire Up #3

7. Sub: Do You Suck At Making Money?

Here’s your link to Video 4

I am so thrilled about the feedback I have had about this video series so far!

Here’s what Tina said:

“As a Graduate of Kath’s free Biz and Life Makeover Challenge not only have I learned fantastic, practical tips to implement in my business, but I’ve benefited hugely from Kath’s Graduation Gift of a one-on-one live Kickstarter session. I highly recommend you click on the tab above. Thanks so much Kath, you’re an absolute STAR.”
If you’re anything like me, you understand how I have been agonising over what I am going to share with you, because I wanted to give you massive value.

I have also just launched a new feature on Facebook…

Introducing Q & A Friday!!!

Post a question on Facebook by Wednesday, and I will answer one of the questions that has been posted on Video by Friday. If you want some FREE publicity, you can ask me to give you a shout-out too (I just need your name and biz name, where you are based and how you want to be contacted).

Here’s your link to Video 4. In this session, you’ll find out if your money hangups and bangups are holding you back from creating enough profit from your business and how to deal with them.

Let me know what you think, I appreciate the feedback.

Go rock your world,

yours Kath

P.S.: Check out the image below. It’s proof that the Instant Lead Generator really works. Every time it says ‘Aweber’ etc, that’s a new lead for my business…10 leads in just over 24h!

8. Sub: Fire Up #4

9. Sub: How To Cash In On Social Media

– it’s our last session together today!
Wow – how time flies. I left one of the best sessions to last, as today we are going to get real about Social Media.

Everybody is talking about it. A lot of peeps seem to do it.

But are you actually making money on Facebook, Twitter etc.???

Today’s video is all about How to Get Followers…Fast, How to Engage’em, How to Establish yourself as the Expert in your Niche or Industry…and How to Actually Get Business from Social Media.

Here’s your link to the Video!

I also have a phenomenal Bonus for you today that you can pick up on the same page as your video. It’s an audio interview with Karen Gunton from Build A Little Biz. Karen has built her biz nearly entirely on and around Facebook, and she’ll share with us what counts on Social Media.

Now that your Makeover Challenge is nearly over, you probably want to know how you can take this further and make your business a financial success this year. Just click here and find out how to work with me.

The Business Firestarter Program is perfect for you, if…

you want to crack the 100K mark in Your Business this Year
you want to Earn More and Work Less
you want to get More Exposure for all the right Reasons and be seen as the Go-To Girl in your Industry/Niche
you want to Restyle your Business to support the Lifestyle that you are Dreaming Off
you want to Market your Business in Ethical, Fun and Innovative Ways that will Attract New Clients like a Magnet
you are passionate about What You Do and want to Feel 100% Aligned with what you are offering
you want to Make a Difference
This program is absolutely unique in that you will not only get the Mindset of Business Success and the Know-How to Making More Money and Creating a Bigger Impact than ever before, but I will also give you all the Technical Tools to support your business.

This will guarantee that you will never get stuck taking the necessary actions, because of technical How Tos…and believe me this is where most business owners get stuck!

And here’s your link to the last video of the 10 Day Life and Business Makeover again. Enjoy!

Chat soon,

yours Kath

P.S.: I’ve had some amazing feedback from the sessions so far, and I would love to hear from you, too.

Any comments or questions??? Email me or post on Facebook.

10. Sub: Tina Looooved Her Graduation Gift!


You are now a Graduate of the Life & Biz Makeover Challenge!

And I have a GIFT for You…

A Free One-on-One Kickstarter Session (if you haven’t had one already)…
…that will help you take your Business to the next Level! You will get to address any area of your Biz that you choose, and we’ll establish clarity around what it is you need to do to get more clients/customers, more exposure and more profit.

To apply, simply click here and click the Register Now Button.

Tina decided after the Challenge that she wanted more. So she applied for a FREE Kickstarter Session. Here’s what she said afterwards:

As a Graduate of Kath’s free Biz and Life Makeover Challenge not only have I learned fantastic, practical tips to implement in my business, but I’ve benefited hugely from Kath’s Graduation Gift of a one-on-one live Kickstarter session. I highly recommend you click on the tab above. Thanks so much Kath, you’re an absolute STAR.

Honestly, it’s nice to get this kind of feedback. Because I am passionate about what I do. I absolutely love it. I put my heart and soul into it, because I want to help. So it’s just wonderful to know that it actually does. (If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it!)

Ok, so now please head straight to the Registration Page, because these fill up fast!

Once you have filled in the form, I will be in touch asap.

Can’t wait to chat with you,


P.S.: Now that you are a graduate of the Life and Biz Firestarter Challenge I can’t help but wondering:

What did you love?

What got you results?

Where did you get stuck?

Leave a comment on Facebook or Email me!